Tubular Piles

Néos Engineering is the specialist supplier for all new, non-standard large diameter pipes to all sectors of the Offshore Oil & Gas, Civil & Marine Industries.

Our Tubular Piles are manufactured in a range of materials from standard carbon steel to high tensile steel in all thicknesses to suit our Customers specified design.

We can provide a range of coatings to your specification to suit the environmental conditions of the location.

Typical applications: Ground Reinforcement, Stabilisation, Geotechnical, Marine Industries and Offshore, Environmental, Cofferdams, Upstream Pipes.

Ancillary services: Non Destructive Testing, Machining, Heat Treatment, Painting & Proof Load Testing.

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We manufacture fabricated pipework to your requirements and specification.

Please view our rolling capacity chart in this PDF to see the minimum and maximum dimensions we can produce before enquiring.