Specialist Fabrications

Néos Engineering offer a competitive and reliable service to industry on a complete supply or free issue basis for large fabrications in mild steel, carbon steel & stainless steel up to 30 tonnes in weight.

Our in house plant is exceptional. We can roll and press up to 85mm thick and weld by the automatic sub arc, flux cored, M.I.G or T.I.G. processes.

All our welders are fully accredited to the requirements of AWS D1.1, BS.EN.288/BS EN ISO 15614.1, EEMUA 158 and ASME 9.

Typical applications: Mast Sections, Tapered Box Sections, Aerospace Lay-up Tools, Mould Tools & Strong Back Mould Tools, Flare Fabrications, Fabricated Ductwork, Flanged Pipe Spools, Drum Core Cylinders, Hoist Drums, Fabricated Sleeves, Reeler Drum Core Cylinders, Fabricated & Machined Expansion Joints, Bulkhead Penetration Sleeves, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Cylinders, Tubular Heave Piles, Heave Liners, Steel Casings, Rolled Inner Rings & Rolled Outer Rings, Fabrications for Wind & Wave Energy Applications, Large Offshore Fabrications.

Ancillary services: Non Destructive Testing, Machining, Heat Treatment, Painting & Proof Load Testing.

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We manufacture fabricated pipework to your requirements and specification.

Please view our rolling capacity chart in this PDF to see the minimum and maximum dimensions we can produce before enquiring.