Offshore Construction

Why Choose Néos?

Néos Engineering is a specialist fabricator of tubular structures and process pipework for the Offshore Construction industry, including the alternative energy sources of wind, wave & tidal power.

Néos Engineering supply rolled and welded large diameter, thick wall precision tube for structures such as module jackets, winches, derrick cranes and ancillary equipment.

We are continually developing new opportunities in the offshore industry for tubular fabrications. We recently produced the tubular components for an extension and refurbishment of an offshore Rig and jacket components for another North Sea Module.

As the trend for ever deeper exploration work grows, we were recently commissioned to carry out work on a special prototype winch, for working at extreme depths.

Typical applications: Caisson Repair Liners, New Caisson Build, Steel Caissons, Clamp Shells, Cylindrical Bracings, Cylindrical Risers, Pile Risers, Pile Bracings, Pile Cans, Pile Sleeves, Latch Rings, Dead Weight Supports, Oil & Gas Risers, Riser Supports, Sea Water & Fire Water Caissons, Stabbing Cones, Stabbing Pipe, Support Can.

Ancillary services: Non Destructive Testing, Machining, Heat Treatment, Painting & Proof Load Testing.

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We manufacture fabricated pipework to your requirements and specification.

Please view our rolling capacity chart in this PDF to see the minimum and maximum dimensions we can produce before enquiring.