Fabricated Pipework

Large diameter fabricated pipework is produced up to 30 tonnes in weight for use in all sections of industry including Oil & Offshore Construction, Petro-Chemical, Nuclear, Water Authorities, numerous fabrication companies and most of the major engineering consultants.

Fabricated pipework up to 3500mm diameter can be produced in various shapes from most British & American specifications. Our specialist fabricated pipework is fully automatic submerged arc welded to all major codes in carbon, mild and stainless steels as well as aluminium. Our weld procedures are to EN288, ASME IX, ISO 15614 & EEMUA. Our welders are coded to EN287 and ASME IX. Our excellent plant & facilities ensure that all rolling, pressing, assembling, welding and final testing is carried out in-house which is a considerable help in monitoring production & progress.

Typical applications: Dead Weight Supports, Latch Rings, Pressure Vessels & Ancillary Equipment, Lobster Back Bends, Tee’s, Manifolds, Concentric & Eccentric Reducers, Transition Pieces, Waste Water Large Pipe Diversions, Venturis, Flanged Pipe, Steel Venturi Cones, Barrels & Throats, Flanged Spool Pieces & Marine applications.

Ancillary services: Non Destructive Testing, Machining, Heat Treatment, Painting & Proof Load Testing.

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We manufacture fabricated pipework to your requirements and specification.

Please view our rolling capacity chart in this PDF to see the minimum and maximum dimensions we can produce before enquiring.