Néos Engineering have policies in place to ensure that our products are created safely to the highest quality with the most minimal impact to the environment.

By implementing these policies, processes and systems, we’ve cemented our place as unrivalled industry leaders in cylindrical risers, cylindrical bracings, pile risers, pile bracings, pile cans, tubular piles, fabricated pipework, pressed plate & pressed sections.

Not only do we look to meet the requirements set in our policies, we always set to exceed statements set out by our codes of practice to ensure we meet everything that is required of us, our suppliers & sub-contractors.

Our policies are regularly reviewed internally and with our staff to insure we adhere to our own high standards and legislation.

The factory floor, the highly technical machinery our risk assessments & safe systems of work are all maintained to the highest safety standards to reinforce our focus on precision and reliability whilst allowing our leading team of experts to have the best working environment.

This filters down to our environmental programme, allowing the Neos team to reduce waste and adapt our processes to meet a demanding environmental policy.

Néos Engineering has built on the solid foundations of it's people, processes, systems and partnerships to work towards excellence in all we do for you, our customer. We, as a company, foster long standing relationships with our customers helping us to fully understand your needs and requirements. Products will always arrive on time, precisely crafted and exactly what our Customers expect.

"That will do" isn’t a phrase in our vocabulary. When our projects are due to leave the factory floor, our stringent quality control policy guarantees to promise a product that you’ll be impressed with, thanks to our highly trained team of experts and industry leaders.