From humble family beginnings as a local fabricator the business has grown from strength to strength, now under the leadership of the Néos International Ltd group, Néos Engineering Ltd is growing into a major UK supplier of metal forming and fabrications to service a growing range of sectors and industries.

To understand our future, we feel strongly we must also know our past… The business was originally created in 1949 as Deepdale Engineering Co. Ltd., and specialised in plate rolling, vessel manufacture and pipework fabrication. Utilising the talented and highly skilled local workforce the company was successful, servicing a wide variety of markets and sectors and the journey started.

The company evolved based on traditional values of high levels of workmanship, quality, customer service and ensuring the customer could expect a guaranteed integrity of product and delivered to meet a projected timescale. The market recognised these commercial attributes and Deepdale expanded with a second location to meet the increased demand with the procurement of additional machinery including; pyramid plate rolls, press brakes and automatic submerged arc welding equipment this increased both capacity and the company’s capabilities.

The drive for continual improvement and it’s position as a major niche market leader with an impressive UK presence flagged the company to Néos International Ltd and this led to it being purchased in 2021, increasing the broad spectrum of other companies within the group. It was at this time Néos Engineering Ltd. was created and the next chapter in the company’s evolution had begun.

Néos International Ltd believes passionately in UK based engineering and has supplemented the previous legacy values with it’s core values of; people, technology and innovation. This drive to capture and nurture all of the attributes of the available resources is paramount to the company and ensures the legacy and essence of Deepdale remains intact while updating and allowing a further progression for Néos Engineering to meet all challenges of a future market.